Under Vehicle Imaging System

  Under Vehicle Imaging System (UVIS) collect and stitch under vehicle images into one clear and high-resolution help security officers to see if suspicious objects is there.  Good for organization that require higher security.  Comes with automatic license plate number recognition so to bring previously taken image of the same vehicle to compare for changes.


uvss v2


Features :

  • Automatic - From scanning to comparing, cleverse_UVS is fully automatic without requiring vehicle to completely stop.
  • Fast - cleverse_UVS scan and detect suspicious objects while vehicle is moving. Traffic flow will not be obstructed, making it suitable for high-traffic facility.
  • Reliable – cleverse_UVS’s algorithm scan and compare un-der vehicle images with high accuracy. We also maintains up-date vehicle database to keep up with new car model. Plus, computer will not get fatigue or having performance degrade over time.
  • Matching specific vehicle - Integrated with cleverse_LPR, the system can recognize license plate and match its data with previous visit. Since many vehicles have been specially modi-fied, identify car and matching it with past images will make the comparison even more accurate and keep false alarm to minimum.
  • Not just detecting bomb— Using its sophisticated algo-rithm, cleverse_UVS can detect any difference from standard vehicle model, makes it able to also recognize damages or anything out of place under vehicle.

Special Features :

  • The system is compact and requires minimum installation and modification of road surface.
  • Upgradable vehicle database—keep you up-to-date with latest car database, tailor to country or regional model.
  • Automatic light adjustment—for 24 hours operation and minimize power use for lighting system.